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Tips to keep your bones healthy


Bones are known to be the support of the body. Hence, it is very important to keep the strong and healthy. A lot of factors go into the well-being of our bones, such as genetics, dietary habits, and how much bone has been built up during the teenage years.

Bones tend to wither with growing age and we become vulnerable to weak bones which result in different ailment like arthritis, osteoporosis and joint pain.

Here are simple and easy tips to keep your bones healthy and strong.

  1. Know Your Family History: –
    Just like other medical categories, family history is an important indicator of bone health. Those with a parent or sibling who has or had osteoporosis are more likely to develop it. So try and know your family history to avoid unknown complications without having answers to where they came from.
  2. Vitamin D:-
    Vitamin D can be consumed in shrimps, cereal, orange juice, sardines, eggs (especially the yolk) and tuna, or you can choose to take vitamin D supplements.
    The body also naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight for about 10 to 15 minutes. This exposure for about three times a week will help in boosting up your vitamin D content.
  3. Don’t forget the Calcium:
    Where there is vitamin D, there must be calcium. The two work hand in hand to help the body absorb bone boosting calcium. This mineral is very essential for the proper development of teeth and bones. Calcium also is a huge helper in proper muscle function, nerve signalling, blood pressure and hormone secretion.
  4. Quit smoking: –
    This is yet another reason to lose the cigarettes, it has been proven that smoking prevents the body form efficiently absorbing calcium, thereby decreasing bone mass.
  5. Stop consuming soda: –
    Excessive soda leads to the reduction in bone mineral density and an increased risk of fracture. This is affecting both the health and strength of the bones. So if you are a soda drinker, this is something you have to think about. Soda causes an increase in the phosphate levels in the blood stream and decreases calcium absorption.
  6. Protein: –
    Try including protein in your daily diet as this mineral works together with calcium to improve calcium levels and bone metabolism. Both plant and animal protein are advised for bone health.

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