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Yoga Tips for Beginners– A Comprehensive Guide


Yoga is a wonderful way to keep you fit and healthy without any side effects. Yoga not only caters to physical fitness, but also to mental wellness. It usually combines various things that lead to overall well being of the body. Meditation, poses (asanas) and breathing exercises like pranayama are an integral part of yoga.

Mentioned below are some tips for beginners, who want to start yoga sessions

  • Decide the poses with which you should start your yoga session – It is really important for the beginners of yoga to know what kind of poses and asanas they should start with. If you look through books or other sources, you will find that there are innumerable poses that are just perfect for the beginners. You can start with some basic yoga poses that include the forward fold, sun salute, cobra, mountain, seated twist, etc. These are some of the best poses for the yoga beginners.

  • Never over exert yourself in the yoga sessions –You should never over exert yourself in the yoga sessions. You have to learn the entire yoga asanas and postures gradually and slowly. It is not possible for anyone to reach the exact yoga posture at once. It shall take some time. You have to gain good experience to reach the stage when you do perfect yoga poses. It is then that you can increase the intensity of the practice too.

  • Decide a particular time to practice yoga – Beginners of yoga are often confused with the right time of practicing yoga. Yoga experts opine that early morning is the best time to practice yoga. You should preferably be empty stomach during the yoga session. If you do not find adequate time in the morning, you can practice it any time of the day. Just keep a thing in mind that you should not eat anything for 1-3 hours before the yoga practice session.

  • Right breathing technique – Yoga teaches you right breathing techniques and beginners are taught that from the very beginning. Breathing plays a pivotal role in yoga exercises. Beginners are taught to learn as when to inhale, hold the breath and when to exhale. You will receive maximum benefits if you do the asanas with the correct breathing techniques.

  • Do some stretching exercises before the yoga session – It is always good to warm up your body before starting the yoga session. The best way to do that is by some stretching exercises. Sun salute is a wonderful pose for stretching exercises.

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